policies and procedures

OBJECTIVE: To provide a fun, safe, sober and drug free event for the Laguna Hills High School Graduating Class, as they celebrate graduation together.

REQUIREMENTS: Each participating student and their parents/guardians shall sign a Release and Waiver of Liability Form and a Code of Conduct Agreement including Consent to Search all property and clothing, which the student seeks to take and wear into

Grad Night.  Students are also to sign a COVID Waiver (2022)

ADMISSION AND DEPARTURES:​ Admission will begin at 9:00pm and continue until 10:00pm. No student will be admitted after 10:00pm and ticket will be forfeited without refund. Each Student and their parents/guardians agree once admitted the student shall remain at Grad Night until the conclusion at 5:00am. In case of illness, the student will only be released to his/her parent or guardian. It is strongly recommended students be dropped off and picked up

PERSONAL PROPERTY: Packages, purses and personal articles will be checked at the entrance to Grad Night. Cell phones and cameras will not be permitted. Please leave all valuables at home. Grad Night will provide secured boxes that student may store items. Grad Night is NOT responsible for any lost items.


  • Zero Tolerance Policy

  • The use of and/or possession of alcohol, tobacco, weapons or drugs shall not be allowed at Grad Night.

  • Any person observed using alcohol, tobacco or drugs will be asked to leave Grad Night and be picked up by parent/guardian.

  • Any alcohol, drugs, or weapons found in any student clothing or bag will be confiscated and turned over to the Sheriff’s Department.​

INNAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR: Any conduct that interferes with the enjoyment of others is inappropriate; to include but not limited to fighting, rough housing, taunting, defacing or destroying property or refusing to comply with the Grad Night instructions. If found to be inappropriate first a student will be asked to stop and if the behavior is repeated, the student will be asked to leave. The parent/guardian must pick up the student engaging in inappropriate behavior.


COVID 19 PROTOCOLS:  Laguna Hills High School PTSA Grad Nite will adhere to all SVUSD Covid-19 protocols.