Past Reflections Winners

The 2019-2020 PTA Reflections theme was "Look Within"

*Congratulations to all our winners:

  • Tim Lacanienta, won Photography at Saddleback Valley Council PTA and is going to judging at Fourth District PTA

  • Lauren Baucaro, won Literature at Saddleback Valley Council PTA and is going to judging at Fourth District PTA

  • Arisa Moghaddam, won 2nd Visual Arts - Award of Merit for High School at Saddleback Valley Council PTA



*1st Place - Tim Lacanienta

2nd Place - Gavin Van Mil

3rd Place - Hanna Ruiz-Rivas


*1st Place - Lauren Baucaro

2nd Place - Avary Baker

3rd Place - Avi Khanelehual 

Visual Arts

1st Place - Arisa Moghaddam

2nd Place - Julianna Houston

3rd Place - Sophie Sheich

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