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Reflections Winners 2023-2024

The 2023-2024 PTA Reflections theme was "I am Hopeful Because..."

Film Production
First Place - "Inspired by Me" - Bailey Hall-Diaz

Visual Arts
First Place "Hope for Change"- Albree Kelsey

image0 - Allbree Kelsey.jpeg

First Place -  Irini Zweigle

Film Production
First Place - Owen Beckwith

First Place -  Sebastian Gutierrez
The Promise of Tomorrow

Yesterday is today's past mistakes,
A canvas painted with errors and fakes,
But today is when you can turn it around,
And build a future that's bright and profound.
Today is tomorrow's hopes and dreams,
A blank slate waiting for your schemes,
So dream big and aim for the stars,
And let your ambitions break all the bars.
Tomorrow is when you change your life,
Take bold steps and cut through the strife,
Embrace the challenges that come your way,
And make the most of each passing day.
Remember that every moment is a chance,
To take charge of your life and enhance,
So seize the day with all your might,
And let your dreams take flight.
You can be a better person just admit
And keep hoping because you better believe it

Better days are on the way
You just need to hope for that day
But until then keep
on waiting
For that promise of tomorrow

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