Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is tasked with choosing the best candidates to serve as officers to run your Laguna Hills High School PTSA  for the upcoming year.  The committee is made of  5 PTSA Members and 2 alternates.   For the election process, Parliamentarian acts as a facilitator for elections and as a mentor to the nominating committee. 

If you are interested in serving on the Executive Board or to learn more about other open Chair positions please email

Training is provided as there is excellent support for PTSA by our council housed at the district. Continued dedication to volunteer service is a gift that we treasure and we encourage future parent and student leaders to volunteer to hold office of chair position. Please email to let us know you would like to be considered for a listed position. We look forward to building our 2022-2023 LHHS PTSA!

Executive Board Positions

  • President

  • Vice President

  • 1st Executive Vice President - Ways and Means

  • 2nd Executive Vice President - Membership

  • 3rd Executive Vice President - Grad Night

  • Recording Secretary 

  • Treasurer

  • Financial Secretary

  • Auditor

  • Parliamentarian (Appointed by President)

  • Historian




Click the link above to learn more about the positions.

2021-2022 Elected Nominating Committee Members

  • Maryam Farzine

  • Tina Frey

  • Katherine Welles

  • Dolores Wirth

  • Bill Hinds (Principal/Advisor)

2021-2022 Executive Board 

  • President - Laura Bissonette

  • Vice President - Bethany Ayala

  • 1st Vice President, Ways & Means - Cindy Perkins

  • 2nd Vice President, Membership - Diana Tennant

  • 3rd Vice President, Grad Night - Dolores Wirth

  • Recording Secratary - Oakley Knowles

  • Financial Secretary- Mariann Gazdich

  • Treasurer - Katherine Welles

  • Auditor - Barbie Eilers

  • Historian - Alina Salamanca

  • Parliamentarian - Julissa Salamanca