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Welcome to the Grad Nite 2022
Volunteer page

The Most Fun You Will Ever Have Volunteering!

event LEADS

Are you the type that likes to take charge? Do you want to contribute in a big way?  Become a lead!  Fill out the following interest form.


We are SO EXCITED FOR BUILDING DAYS!!!  That means the amazing night WILL COME TO LIFE!! Crazy as it may sound, this is the part that gets really fun for the parents as we work alongside old and new friends to create a magical night for our beloved seniors! 

See schedule!

prep help

We have set walk-in days for Grad Nite Prep.  Our Grad Nite Workshop is located in a portable on campus.  Come help make decorations!  Click for schedule below.

event day!

We need over 80 volunteers the evening of the event.  You will be thrilled watching students have a blast, chill out, and enjoy their last night on campus together. 


PARENTS OF ALL GRADES should sign up.  It will be a great sight to see and we cannot wait to have you join us.  Sign up to celebrate with our Seniors!


SAVE THE DATE!  Grad Nite moves into our space 2 weeks prior to the event.  The day of move-in, there are several trucks that are needed to haul everything into the space so the building can begin.


After the night is done, the event needs to be cleaned-up.  This is a week-long event and also a fun opportunity for future Seniors to work to earn a FREE ticket to their Senior gradnite!

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